End of Year

Hello families!  Please read the entire email!

First and foremost... Last call for any fun pictures from this year!!  First day of school, Lung Lab, holiday parties, etc.  I will be finishing up on Monday!!

Wednesday 5/22 - Field Day in the morning.  Please be aware of the weather and make sure kiddos are dressed appropriately and have applied sunscreen.  That afternoon they have earned a Pop and Drop.

Thursday 5/24 - Yearbook signing.  We will have a block of time in the afternoon for all fifth graders to get together and sign yearbooks.  Please have your kiddo bring a pen.

Friday 5/25 - Last Day Picnic.  See you at Tallman Park around 10:30.  Slideshow presentations at 2:00/2:15 in the Gold Rush gym

We are excited to celebrate the end of our students' elementary education with a big celebratory picnic.  This year's picnic will be at Tallman Park (across the street from Legend HS) on June 2nd from 10:30am – 1:30pm.  Students will ride buses to and from this event.  There is a small fee for the buses and a permission slip now up on REVTRAK

Students will be provided with sub sandwiches there courtesy of Gold Rush, but we would love your help with a few other items.  Please see our Sign-Up to help out.  We welcome family to the event to join in the fun, but, unfortunately, cannot provide food for all, so please pack a lunch for yourself and head to the park!  Also in the sign-up is a place to volunteer to help with set-up and clean up: this helps us out a lot!!

We do have the whole park to ourselves this day so you are welcome to bring fun outdoor games (frisbees, soccer balls, etc.) and such as long as students are responsible for their own belongings.

After the picnic we will return to Gold Rush and gather in the gym for our End of Year Slideshows.  If you are only attending this portion of the day we should be beginning around 2:00/2:15.  Also, if you haven't already done so, please make sure you get a baby/toddler picture and a current picture emailed to your child's classroom teacher ASAP.  We are also looking for any fun pictures you have of the class from the year (Digger Dash, field trips, class parties, etc.).

At the end of the slideshow please stay in the gym while the students return to their classes for final good-byes.  Administration will speak to you for a few minutes and give you instruction on how to help the school say farewell to these great kiddos in our traditional Clap-Out. 

Thank you for all your support this year.  We are sad to see these kiddos moving on but know they are ready for what lies ahead!  We have all truly had a great year!

Yikes!!  I hope I've got everything covered! =)

Valentine's List

Students are welcome to create fun Valentine boxes to enter into our competition on Valentine's Day.  There will be two categories: most creative and most like them.  Our party will be at 2:30 on Wednesday.  Here is a list of our class:

Dylan L.
Dylan S.

Student Blogger Update

Student Blog
In writing we are working on response to literature. So in the afternoon we choose what prompt we want to work on. Some of the prompts are from books we have read like Ida B by Katherine Hannigan, the Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, and Across the Alley by Richard Michalson. We have also read small stories like Mr Entwhistle, Papa’s parrot, Treasure and He Was So Little .  We are given a question(s) to answer and you write a essay answering the prompt(s).


In math we are working on decimals. We are working on ordering them from least to greatest and comparing them. We also worked on putting decimals on a number line in order.   


In reading we are working on annotating poems and inferring. We read the poem The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus it was about the statue of liberty but it gave you clues and you had to figure out what or who it was about we annotated to help us understand and help us infer.  

In science we are working on the water cycle. We are working on how water evaporates, it turns into condensation, then precipitation and then it goes through all over again.

 Weekly song:

This week our weekly song is Part Of Me by Katy Perry. In the morning we annotate the song then we sing it. We have done New Shoes, unwritten, against the grain, life is a highway, glow, and firework.

Thank you!!!

What's going on in 5th grade?

Here's a look at what's going on in 5th grade!

Reading: we have begun our study on the thinking strategy: Inferring.  This strategy tends to be a bit harder for kids than some of the others, especially when we are working at book with a much deeper theme and metaphors throughout.  We will be talking about this strategy with our independent (on assessment level) books, book clubs, non-fiction (both in news stories and connecting to science), and in our weekly songs.
What can you do at home? Ask a lot of "why do you think" questions in all that you do together.

Writing: These next few weeks our focus is on Response to Literature and answering a prompt.  We are using the pneumonic "Off to the RACES!" as a guide.  One tricky part of this genre of writing is that it combines comprehension of text, reacting to the text, and then writing in an essay format.
What can you do at home?  Continue to TALK TALK TALK to your kiddo about what they are reading. 

Math: as we wrap up our work on addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers, we are going to apply our learning to how this works with decimals.  When we move to decimals we will also focus a lot on number sense, base ten systems, and how numbers are related.
What can you do at home? Decimals are going to be everywhere these next few weeks as the Olympics start!!

Science: We are studying big concepts such as: evaporation, condensation, density, convection, uneven heating of materials, pressure, and atmosphere.  Woah, this unit is meaty!!
What can you do at home? Watch the weather forecast together.  Have students predict what patterns they see.  Ask your child about what some of those concepts have to do with the weather maps.

Cimarron: As you know, forms went home last week.  You're going to be getting a lot of updates in the coming weeks and I am happy to answer any questions you have!

December Upcomings

Winter Breaking is fast approaching.  Here are some updates and requests:

- our party will be hosted by Mrs. Helman (Austin's mom) and will be next Thursday from 2:30-3:30.  More information will be heading your way!  On this day they have also elected to have an Ugly Sweater Contest (completely optional).

- we will be doing a book exchange earlier in the day (Thursday, the 21st).  Please have your kiddo bring in a grade level appropriate, new or gently used, wrapped book to share.

- My "gift" to the class will be hot chocolate and a read-a-thon day tomorrow.  They will be allowed to bring in a small personal blanket (I find that sometimes a beach towel works best) to get cozy on the ground and spend some quality time reading.  This won't be just  a free reading day, but we will be focused on reading for most of the day.

- And finally, THANK YOU so much for those who have reached out to congratulate me on my engagement.  You are so kind!

Student Blogger Update

Student Blogger Update
By: Jack

In this past week we have been learning about the respiratory system. We have learned about how the respiratory system works and that lungs are important but not as important as the trachea or the windpipe.

In this past week in writing we have been researching a topic and then we have been writing drafts and they have to be argumentative topics. We have been researching on the web. Then we had the choice to write on our computer or in our notebooks.

In this past week we have been thinking about questions and how to use them and we have been visualizing. We are doing this because we can’t always look at pictures all the time. An example is that if you are reading a chapter book you can’t look at pictures to see what the page is about.


In math we have been learning about how to see the differences between fractions. You do this by finding the first time that the denominators meet and then you multiply the numerator by the times that it took for the numbers to land on the same number.

Lung Lab Field Trip

5th Grade Unit on
The Respiratory System

Lung Lab Field Trip
Wednesday, Nov. 29th

For our first fifth grade field trip, we will be visiting the Museum of Nature and Science and participating in the How We Breathe Lung Lab.  This field trip will be a culminating experience for our study of the respiratory system. The Lung Lab will involve dissecting a lamb’s lung.  This is a memorable, hands-on experience that helps students develop an appreciation for the lungs’ complexity and why we need to keep them healthy.  We will also explore the interactive Expedition Health and Nature’s Amazing Machines exhibits.  If you would like to join us on our field trip, please return the slip below by Friday the 10th.  We can only take five parents per class due to room capacity at the museum.

The cost for each student  is $12.75.

In order for your child to participate in this field trip/program you must register (includes online permission form)  & pre-pay on-line by going to: RevTrak > Elementary Schools > Elementary Schools E thru L > Gold Rush > Field Trips. The RevTrak link can be found on GRE’s website under Parent Info or click here. Registrations MUST be completed by 2 days prior to your field trip.

  • Online registration is for your student only- please do not register yourself or younger siblings.
  • Free/Reduced students will have the option of selecting "no payment" but must still register.
  • No refunds