December Upcomings

Winter Breaking is fast approaching.  Here are some updates and requests:

- our party will be hosted by Mrs. Helman (Austin's mom) and will be next Thursday from 2:30-3:30.  More information will be heading your way!  On this day they have also elected to have an Ugly Sweater Contest (completely optional).

- we will be doing a book exchange earlier in the day (Thursday, the 21st).  Please have your kiddo bring in a grade level appropriate, new or gently used, wrapped book to share.

- My "gift" to the class will be hot chocolate and a read-a-thon day tomorrow.  They will be allowed to bring in a small personal blanket (I find that sometimes a beach towel works best) to get cozy on the ground and spend some quality time reading.  This won't be just  a free reading day, but we will be focused on reading for most of the day.

- And finally, THANK YOU so much for those who have reached out to congratulate me on my engagement.  You are so kind!

Student Blogger Update

Student Blogger Update
By: Jack

In this past week we have been learning about the respiratory system. We have learned about how the respiratory system works and that lungs are important but not as important as the trachea or the windpipe.

In this past week in writing we have been researching a topic and then we have been writing drafts and they have to be argumentative topics. We have been researching on the web. Then we had the choice to write on our computer or in our notebooks.

In this past week we have been thinking about questions and how to use them and we have been visualizing. We are doing this because we can’t always look at pictures all the time. An example is that if you are reading a chapter book you can’t look at pictures to see what the page is about.


In math we have been learning about how to see the differences between fractions. You do this by finding the first time that the denominators meet and then you multiply the numerator by the times that it took for the numbers to land on the same number.

Lung Lab Field Trip

5th Grade Unit on
The Respiratory System

Lung Lab Field Trip
Wednesday, Nov. 29th

For our first fifth grade field trip, we will be visiting the Museum of Nature and Science and participating in the How We Breathe Lung Lab.  This field trip will be a culminating experience for our study of the respiratory system. The Lung Lab will involve dissecting a lamb’s lung.  This is a memorable, hands-on experience that helps students develop an appreciation for the lungs’ complexity and why we need to keep them healthy.  We will also explore the interactive Expedition Health and Nature’s Amazing Machines exhibits.  If you would like to join us on our field trip, please return the slip below by Friday the 10th.  We can only take five parents per class due to room capacity at the museum.

The cost for each student  is $12.75.

In order for your child to participate in this field trip/program you must register (includes online permission form)  & pre-pay on-line by going to: RevTrak > Elementary Schools > Elementary Schools E thru L > Gold Rush > Field Trips. The RevTrak link can be found on GRE’s website under Parent Info or click here. Registrations MUST be completed by 2 days prior to your field trip.

  • Online registration is for your student only- please do not register yourself or younger siblings.
  • Free/Reduced students will have the option of selecting "no payment" but must still register.
  • No refunds

Celebration of Learning & Thanksgiving Feast

We celebrate Thanksgiving as a larger school community by hosting a Thanksgiving feast for students and their families.  Our feast will be held on Wednesday, November 15.  The cost for parents and siblings is $4.00 per person.  You are able make a reservation online now by clicking here.  Gold Rush students will pay using their lunch accounts.  Please bring your printed receipt as your meal ticket  Prior to the meal we are having a celebration of learning in our classroom.  Our celebration of learning time will be from 12:25-12:55 and our meal will be from 12:55-1:15.  All of this information was in Dr. Brown's Principal's Message last week.   

Student Blogger

Student blogger update
by Allie
Hello Gold Rush families
Time traveling to the past week in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
Over the past week, our class has started learning about plant cells, and animal cells and the differences and similarities they have in common through their organelles and other functions. We have learned about the functions of the nucleus and the cell membrane. We are excited to share that we will soon be learning about the human body and it’s functions in the next unit.

We have also started learning the format and persuasive structure in persuasive essays. In this unit we are using this prompt: should chocolate milk be banned from schools or not? We read at least 7 texts, read and took notes of evidence for both opinions. Then we chose an opinion to draft on. We will make several drafts and eventually type them out and print them.

We started learning about questioning a while back. Last week, we learned about questioning in nonfiction. This week we learned to ask questions in fiction. Together as a class, we read Grandfather Twilight by barbara Berger. We asked questions before, during, and after we read the book. Along the way we recorded them in our reading notebook. We also read our independent fiction book and recorded questions in the same way.

In math this unit we have studied volume. We learned how to find volume of rectangular prisms and the volume of irregular shapes similar to this one. We divided the shape into two rectangular prisms, found the volume of each one, and added them up.

Morning Songs
Every morning after specials, we sit on the carpet to annotate the song of the week. By the end of the week, we find the theme of the song and eventually print it to staple to the wall.

Thank you for getting on Ms. Dalcerri’s blog! See you next week!

Student Blogger Update

In the week Oct. 2 - Oct. 6 we have learned many things. We are also very excited to share them with you so let's dive in!
In writing, we have been working on our personal narratives. Working on our leads, dreaming the dream, telling the story from the inside, transitional phrases, and conclusions. With all of this information we are now making a final copy for the most perfect personal narrative. We will be graded on this to see how well we can put all of this info together in 5 days.

In our math unit, we are wrapping up multiplication and moving on to division! We talked about the difference between long division and partial quotient and why partial quotient is better. We have also been talking about how multiplication is the same as division and how they are different.

In reading, we have been working more on our 5th grade thinking stems. (5th grade thoughts) We have also been focusing on our schema. We are choosing books at our reading level and stopping every now and then to write down a thought. Every once and awhile, we will read a picture book with the class and open up our readers notebook to write down notes.

In geography this week, we finished up our NFL presentations. We filled out a form about each presentation for a region and answered some questions after they presented. We will be starting on a new geography unit next week so be sure to check that out. We are currently working on National Parks.

Weekly Song  
This week, we didn’t have a weekly song. We sang songs we’ve done before but we also talked about the theme for…. “Glow”, “Life is a Highway” and we sang “Unwritten.” They are such good songs!


Reader's Response Letters

This week we will have our first Reader's Response Letter due.  This will be an assignment that will go throughout the school year due every other week.  A good way to remember which weeks they are due is it will always be on Spelling Weeks (as opposed to Wordly Wise weeks).

We have done a lot in class with these: keeping track of thinking using sticky notes, starting small and writing about our reading, adding more to our writing with explanations, and finally a few practice letters in class.  They have also seen many examples and should know what to produce at home for homework.  These letters can be written or typed and, for the first few, I'd love them stapled to their Weekly Reading Logs.

Each week students will turn in a Reader's Response on something that they have recently read.  This can be from a novel, magazine, blog, or non-fiction text.  The first part of the response is a summary of what they read.  The second part should show me their thinking about what they read.  Here are a few more for your reference as well as some ideas to get you started: